How to work with modals in Selenium

In this post, you will learn how to work with modals in Selenium WebDriver. There are two main types of modals. The first type is purely informative and does not require any user input. However, the second type of modal may require user input. Table of contents Introduction Modals vs alert boxes or windows HowContinue reading “How to work with modals in Selenium”

Selenium interview questions

Are you wondering how to prepare for your next Selenium interview? Well, here is a list of typical Selenium interview questions that will help prepare you for that. #1 Which one of the following is not a method for locating web elements? (Choose all that apply) A. id()B. linkText()C. xpath()D. class()E. cssSelector()F. tagName()G. None ofContinue reading “Selenium interview questions”

How to run Chrome headless in Selenium

In this article, you will learn how to run the Chrome headless in Selenium WebDriver. What is really means is that your tests will run without opening the Chrome browser. Table of contents Introduction Advantages & disadvantages of using headless mode How does headless mode work? How to run Chrome in headless mode Conclusion IntroductionContinue reading “How to run Chrome headless in Selenium”